Farewell to the epidemic

During the epidemic, work, life, travel, and returning to one's hometown in China have all been affected to varying degrees.

  • In Beijing, regular nucleic acid testing is required, and a test needs to be done every three days. If you want to rest at home on weekends or holidays, you can do fewer tests by not going out;
  • In the rural hometown, regular nucleic acid testing is also carried out, and it needs to be done every day according to the notice. If there is no notice after doing it for several consecutive days, you can skip a few days. In the past few years, nucleic acid testing has hardly stopped for a long time;
  • During travel, a nucleic acid test certificate is usually required within 48 hours. Different places have different requirements, such as travel codes, health codes, etc. There are dozens of health codes across the country, and you need to register again when you arrive at a new place.

QR code scanning is required for daily commuting and entering public places. In places such as residential areas, schools, and parks, most of them only keep one entrance and strictly check it. The situation of sealing off buildings and villages can be seen everywhere.

Now, there is no need for nucleic acid testing, no need for QR code scanning, and travel and transportation are no longer affected by health codes or travel codes. Except that most entrances and intersections have not yet been fully opened, travel is basically unaffected.

After the control measures were lifted, most of my friends around me contracted the new coronavirus infection. Most of them have recovered and continue to live a normal life. Personally, I think the reason for lifting the control measures is that it is really uncontrollable. It was only lifted near winter and was not planned.

Next, the COVID-19 and other cold viruses will continue for several years, or even three to five years or more. I hope everyone is prepared and starts from this moment:

Farewell to the epidemic, live seriously.

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