Sustainable lifestyle

When it comes to sustainable development, it usually refers to the coexistence of humans and nature. A sustainable lifestyle is not only about the interaction with the environment, but more importantly, from a personal perspective: how to earn income and how to use that income to improve living conditions.

In the past few years, due to the pandemic, everyone may not have been doing very well, making people yearn for a sustainable lifestyle.

From the perspective of income sustainability, there are several professions that can generate continuous income:

  • Content creation: In this profession, some people can earn income from writing articles, editing content, and other related work. Content creation is not just about writing articles, but also includes uploading videos, such as on YouTube and Bilibili. Although video creation may be challenging, it can better meet current consumption habits.
  • Online marketing: People with online marketing skills can use the internet to promote products for clients and earn income. Online marketing can be done through social media, affiliate marketing, and direct sales, among other methods. Additionally, continuously learning new marketing skills can increase income.
  • Technology development: Developers can earn income by creating software, websites, and other related products. Technology development allows individuals to utilize their skills to develop useful software and products, such as applications and games, in order to generate income.

A sustainable lifestyle can help control consumption and practice open-source frugality to improve living standards. By reevaluating daily expenses and investing money wisely, a sustainable lifestyle can be achieved.

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