2023 Personal Survival Skills and Techniques

Because I have always remembered the phrase "奇技淫巧" incorrectly as "奇巧淫技," it is difficult to notice the mistake when using the input method. In order to correct this problem, I have used the correct spelling in the title of this article, which may have some differences from what I originally intended to express.

In general, it is about what I plan to do in 2023, how to do it, and why.

Because of the emergence of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, this blog site exists. The two short articles before this one were generated by ChatGPT based on prompts and then published with some minor modifications. Recently, I have switched to Notion, which is more convenient for content editing.

The threshold for content creation is getting lower and lower, making creation more sustainable. GitHub Copilot, which I have been using for a while, also makes it easier for you to write code and fix bugs.

Continuing from the previous article on "sustainable lifestyle," this article will delve into the main content. If you haven't read it, I recommend taking a few minutes to read p2.

TLDR; I mainly focus on content creation and technical development, with a time allocation ratio of 8:2. Marketing promotion is the key to ensuring a return on investment and should always be integrated, but there is currently no specific plan. Let's try our best in the right direction.

1. Content Creation#

Workbene was my early entrepreneurial project. The idea was to create a collaborative workspace for enterprises. At the beginning, there was a team and investment, but the product didn't have any customers or revenue, so it eventually faded away, leaving only a domain name.

Next, I will try to create content first and then launch lightweight collaborative tasks based on distributed computing.

If I can't make tools well, I will learn from others. I hope to share this process with more people, so I am considering creating a content website first.

I mainly create content about electric car travel lifestyle. Perhaps due to the pandemic, it has been put on hold several times. Now, making videos has become more popular. In the short term, my videos will still focus on the experience of long-distance travel by electric car, and I will try to share stories from my journeys.

The upcoming video content will be about the challenging journey of traveling home by electric car during the Spring Festival. It will be a one-way trip of over 3000 kilometers, making it a round trip of over 10,000 miles. Interested friends can follow me in advance as the journey is about to begin.

For many years, YouTube has been the main platform for consuming content. I may watch three to five videos every day. As a heavy consumer, I hope to become a creator as well. In the past, my channel has published more than 30 videos, with approximately 1000 followers across all platforms and over 100,000 total views. It can be said that the results are quite average. I will continue to work hard.

I no longer use WeChat in my daily life and have switched to Twitter. By following my Twitter account, you can keep up with my updates. I post all sorts of random content on there, as you can see by looking at my previous posts. However, in the future, I will consider focusing on specific themes and I am especially interested in posting 2/3 of my content in English.

Before Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he once stated that he wanted to transform it into a communication protocol. If that happens, developers who are prepared in advance should have new opportunities, although it is unclear what those opportunities will be. Interested in learning about TaaS?

2. Technical Development# Remote-controlled Web Apps.

Quoting one of my tweets from the beginning of the year:

In 2023, dApps on the blockchain (do you use them in your daily life?), various No-code and Low-code tools, all of them are unreliable. Developers can try using IPFS for storage, Nostr for databases, OpenAI for computing (simplified interaction), and easily run them based on PWA. Just focus on the app, with 0 operations and offline priority. Some technologies are still in the early stages, but this direction is generally correct. #Web3

This is what I believe, and this is what I will do. How do we know it's wrong if we don't try? is an attempt in this direction. It is based on Nostr to create lightweight applications with real-time and end-to-end encrypted communication features, which have natural advantages in terms of payment and privacy protection. Currently, it is still in the stage of testing solutions. I have already developed a countdown and scrolling subtitle tool that can be tried, although you may not understand what it is.

I have also implemented mechanisms for account backup and application data synchronization, but specific development of the application and its stability have not yet begun. I will provide more updates in the future.

As an independent developer with limited energy, if application deployment is simple enough, with almost zero cost for service and operations, and fewer service dependencies, why not give it a try?

Please summarize, ChatGPT:

The livelihood in 2023 includes both content creation and technical development. Content creation can be done on Workbene, YouTube, and Twitter. Technical development can be explored through, using new technologies such as IPFS, Nostr, and OpenAI to develop lightweight, real-time, and offline-first applications with 0 operations and 0 costs.

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