Hello 2024

Hahaha, I should have forgotten about the 2023 plan a long time ago. It should have mentioned planning for content direction, website/product + video number + Twitter.

Now let's quickly summarize the gains of the past year, which can only be summarized as "minimal":

  • Twitter/X: The number of followers has increased from 500 to about 7000, not breaking 10,000, but still more than my expected 5000.
  • Workbene: Long-term hope to create a collaboration platform, first tried content payment, and currently this website generates around ¥15,000 in revenue.
  • Chatbene/Lingualudo: Based on OpenAI, I hope to create an oral English coach, targeting children. Currently, it is still in the testing phase and has not been officially launched and operated.

There have been some other attempts, but most of them have only reached the stage of buying domain names. In short, continuous investment of time and energy will still yield certain results.

1/X is where I spend the most time and energy. Apart from actual content creation, most of the time is really just passing time. According to the data analysis provided by Twitter, my account has approximately 500,000 to 1,000,000 post impressions per month, and when there are more followers, it increases by 500 to 1000, but it is not stable. I remember that when my posts performed well, the data was around 50,000 to 150,000 views in 24 hours, with 500 likes and 500 bookmarks. Well, many life-related posts go unnoticed.

In 2024, I hope the number of followers can reach around 15,000. In the long run, I would be satisfied with 30,000 to 50,000. After all, the number of followers is just a number. Most of the content I post on Twitter is random sharing without a specific plan, so I will continue to rely on luck. I don't want to turn it into a marketing account.

2/ Workbene is my personal obsession, just a domain name. The long-term investment is just renewing the domain name for 10 years. There is no stable and mature application. Currently, Workbene has implemented an application that supports personal payment codes for content payment, without the need to register a company to apply for WeChat Pay. Due to good content planning, there is a shortage of new projects. As a starting point for testing, I share my new ideas and the entire process of going online on Workbene. Different from other content payment solutions, I hope to provide real help and support instead of just "harvesting leeks" for 9.9 yuan. Therefore, the threshold for content payment may be slightly higher. Based on content payment, I hope to generate additional content, namely videos, when providing support. These videos can be freely shared on YouTube. This way, I can have immediate feedback from paying users and long-tail revenue from the YouTube platform, forming a closed loop.

In 2024, I hope that the scale of Workbene's content payment revenue can reach 10 times the current level. In terms of application direction, I will try to create an AI cloud storage platform at, helping users automate batch processing tasks through cloud storage.

3/ Chatbene and LinguaLudo are mentioned together because they are both applications and websites related to OpenAI. Chatbene currently focuses on AI product information and is a news site that emphasizes real-time updates and a large quantity of content. In less than a year, it has updated over 7000+ pieces of content, achieving a basic level of content automation. Recently, it has transitioned from Chinese content to primarily English content, hoping to improve SEO and Google Adsense conversion. LinguaLudo has not been officially launched because OpenAI is not open to the Chinese region and requires stability and an overseas company entity. Initially, it aimed to teach English oral skills and had some paying users during online testing. At the end of last year, I planned to rethink a multilingual version (at least supporting English + Japanese). Currently, it is still in the local development stage. I hope to gamify it and target children, but progress has been minimal.

In 2024, for Chatbene's website direction, I hope to find more content directions and try to establish several automated websites. As for LinguaLudo, it still requires time investment, such as adapting to local large models, relying on large models for discovery and hardware adaptation. I will continue to pay attention to it for a period of time (most likely it will be abandoned).

The above is a summary and outlook of online projects. In addition, my personal video account "xinzhi 万里行" will continue to explore. Currently, I have published over 40 videos, with a total of 1000 followers, over 100,000 views per video, and a total of around 200,000 views on all platforms. The activity level is low, and I have been on hiatus, so I won't go into detail.

Overall, in 2024, I will lean more towards going global, and my personal habits will also adjust accordingly. I will try to self-study Japanese to the level of reading X posts and watching YouTube vlogs. I have always consumed content on YouTube, but I will no longer watch Chinese videos (transitioning from Chinese habits). I hope to try using English for future video creations.

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